company history
  • The Microeconomic Analyst (TMA) conducts survey research in order to facilitate collaboration between experts and to provide the most scientific industry trend analysis available to sponsors. Jonathan R. Lax founded TMA in 1984 with a vision to provide not only top quality trend analysis, but also a forum for experts to exchange information. Myles P. Kelly joined the firm in 1987 and became President in 1996. That year, TMA adopted an "open research" policy in which the participants are supplied with summaries of the study's findings, so that they can share the benefit of TMA's analysis.
  • The openness that now accompanies studies fulfills the original intention of the company's founder and contributes to links between experts who would otherwise be unaware of each other's opinions. With over 15 years of survey research experience, TMA has conducted thousands of hours of telephone interviews and is committed to fostering quality-based, ethically-sound survey research. 2000